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Alastair Sweeny, a Canadian publisher, historian, and author, covers the illustrious history of RIM (Research in Motion) with great detail and well-researched content in BlackBerry Planet. The book was released in 2009 and is the most comprehensive corporate history account of RIM and their revolutionary, Star Trek inspired, BlackBerry.

Sweeny tells of the Canadian company's early startup days, the long and costly patent-defending legal battles, and the governments' reliance on BlackBerry devices. The book talks of RIM's technical and monetary truimphs with the BlackBerry as well as the failures over the years that spawned the extremely-functional BlackBerry's we see right now. BlackBerry Planet also details how RIM came up with the BlackBerry name and how it was received by the public. Sweeny also touches on the infamous "CrackBerry" syndrome suffered by so several BlackBerry users and explains how it affects the users' personal and professional lives.

BlackBerry Planet, though well-researched and well-written, did tend to be drawn out in its presentation. Sweeny could have let go of certain topics sooner to steer clear of rambling sessions at times. The section detailing government officials' use of the BlackBerry, for example, went on an on documenting and quoting what seemed like each member of the U.S. government. The use of bulleted lists was also somewhat excessive but Sweeny still manages to get his point across, even though utilizing a lot more words than required.

Overall, the book was informative and fascinating but occasionally challenging to follow due to frequent repetition. I think Sweeny could have said what needed to be said in a lot fewer pages thus sparing a few trees. Even so, I do recommend this book to anyone seeking a detailed history lesson on RIM and the BlackBerry or for general study. I may add that the book is also obtainable in e-book format via the Amazon Kindle for BlackBerry app.More info of William Hill Promotional Code
BlackBerry Planet - The History of RIM

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